Laura D'Antoni

Director | Editor
Born and raised in Germany to an American mom and Sicilian dad, I picked up the camera at age 10 and never set it down. My passion for storytelling continued as I received my BFA in film from New York University and made several short films. I worked as a script supervisor and assistant director while in New York, and then moved to South Florida where  I dove into the documentary world, directing and editing several short and feature films highlighting fascinating  people and exploring issues of social justice.  While there I also directed over 30 commercials that aired on local television. Now I live in Los Angeles, where I work on branded content for clients such as Walgreens, Little Tikes and Grey Goose, as well as write and direct narrative films. My latest is Cycle, an award-winning short film about domestic abuse from a little girl’s perspective. I love being involved in a project from start to finish,  and look forward to creating many more engaging stories to share with the world.